Brunch French Toast

What You’ll Need
Griddle Pan (or frying pan)
Large Mixing Bowl

4 eggs
4 slices thick sliced country white bread or sourdough bread
Butter or Cooking Spray
Salt and Pepper

Place your griddle (or frying pan) on the stove and set gas to medium. Take the stick of butter and grease the griddle. You can also use cooking spray.

Take 4 eggs and gently break them into a bowl. Add 4 tablespoons of milk, with salt to taste. Take a fork and beat the eggs until you have a smooth consistency.

When you hear the sizzling of the butter on the griddle, you are ready to prepare the bread. Lower the gas just a bit.

Take each slice of bread and dip it into the bowl. Ensure that both sides are completely covered with the egg. Take each slice and place it on the griddle. Wait a minute or so then using the spatula, check the underside of the slice to ensure it is cooked (each slice should be slightly brown). Turn the slice over to brown the other side. When the top of the slice is the desired color, turn off the gas.

Place the slices on a plate and the feast begins! You can choose to eat them plain, or you can add fresh Vermont Maple Syrup and sprinkle confection sugar over them. What a treat!

Our favorite options:
Add a high quality vanilla extract to the egg mixture. Cinnamon is also a delicious way to “jazz up” your French toast. You can top the French toast with fruit, flavored syrup or fresh whipped cream as well, for an added treat.

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